A turn-based strategy puzzler for the 2020 K-State Game Jam. You can freely change your stats during combat, but when one stat goes up, another must go down.

Fight your way through Gladiator High and defeat Principal Treebread!


  • Use A and D to walk left and right down the hallway.
  • Use W to jump (very useful).
  • Click Reconfigure in combat to adjust your stats. Remember, to increase one stat, you have to lower another. What goes up, must come down!
  • Click Fight in combat to attack your opponent.

    • You deal damage to your opponent equal to your strength minus half their defense, rounded down.
    • The opponent with the higher speed stat attacks first on any given turn.
  • If you win a fight, you’ll gain back stat points equal to your lost HP, plus two extra.
  • If you lose a fight, you can retry with your stats from before the fight.


  • Sam Foit: Main Developer
  • Anders Long: UI Development, Icon and Title Art
  • Kelly Kamrath: Character and Background Art
  • Aaron Friesen: Music and Sound Design

Get the soundtrack for free on Bandcamp!