A generic traditional roguelike made with Python and libtcod as part of the 2018 r/roguelikedev Does The Complete Roguelike Tutorial event. Can you reach the bottom floor of the dungeon in one piece?


  • 15 enemies, 15 weapons, 8 pieces of armor, 8 runes, and 10 dungeon levels.

    • Runes can be consumed, thrown, or used for enchanting.
    • Levels are divided into 3 distinct areas: the dungeon, the caves, and the labyrinth.
    • Levels vary in size, with some containing over 8,000 tiles.
  • A damage calculation system based on only 4 stats: HP, attack, defense, and damage.

    • Attack and defense determine hit chance, while damage is the full damage dealt on a hit.
  • AI that will start chasing you on sight, but can be escaped by breaking line of sight for long enough.
  • A focus on gameplay with as little tedium as possible.
  • Multiple color schemes and input schemes that can be changed while in-game.

For controls and further information, see the included README, or read it online at GitHub.